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so you wanted to - kill aa many peeple as ou could in school. yes." yes..theeother dramatic & evidence at the senttncinn for he teen who pled uilty. ggilty. spreading to the suburbs. killing peoppe.. people.. we invessiggte the battle against ake pot nd deathh. &p3 the possibility of a slippery start o the morning russ hour. & a ssormmsystem coulddbring us sseet and rainn how it could also bring flooding in mm -skywatch forecast..- service fees.. baltimorr city: 5.50 "everybody has a ticketmaster 3 fees."hoo baltimore city counnii maa alloo ticketmaster to keep on charging. -3 3 helll i'm jeff 3 barnd. ann i'm jennifee gilbert. gilbert. 3 surveillance piccures inside perrr halligh school show how eeents unfolded when shots
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rang out on the firsttday of sshool... alss reeeasedd & poday....videoooo the suspect being questiineddby pollce. key piecee of evidence howw pefore aa udge sentencedd to... 5 prison.//. prison.//. crime and justicee -& reporter lepola... was pn the courtroom... / as... down. & 3 ((pkg)) whenn15 year old robert gladden junior opened fiir....he sent panicc -3 thrrugh parentt... anddmadee &pstudents as weellas staff at perrr hall high quessionn pphether their fiisttdayyof &sccool... was about toobe their last. sabrina says how she saw him ... in gladden's own words... he described to police hat he set out to monnhs ago i was jsut gonna kill mmself thhn i realized could get the pointtacrrss ... kill couple kids and then off ysellf a eennexposed
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3 young life... who came from a & unstable amily... who urned but never got it.(victime ddd) 11:00:52 they're huuting were -3 hurting eeeryone is hurtinn there is no winner milton - (ba-row-ee) is the faaher off waa sitting just feet away from where gladden fired that firss shot. today, gladddn apologized tt daniel's mother in a letter he read in court. & (victim's mom) 10059:15 ii ust ppaa thht he meent ii wwth -3 letter because that would meaa 3 sway judge robert cahill. not only did he not belieee he teen wws remorssful he 3 bullied. question: whennyou ssarted shhoting, id yoo feel annthing then? any sort of adrenaliie?gladden: not really, tuuned t the side &pandd hot. i went to shoot he second one and one of tte -3 teachers one f the - recalleddstarring down tte - barrell f that shotguu. the judge also heard how some students and staff members are unable to even step foot in tte cafeteria becauue they'rr still haunted by what haapened. &p 10:56:06 whennwe hear bags pop n cafeteria we just get silent gladden's defense - attorney aagued had the sshooo -3 system done more... his would not haveehappened. 11:00:05 pe'll beethe youngest personn state 15 year old going right now for 35 years we shhuld e real proud of that assa ccmmunity and society shouldnt
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old who to do an adult ct.. & he endangered the lives of countless people.. tteejudge sentenced gladden to 35 years in prison. in baltimoreecounty joy lepolaafox 45 news at en..- ### 3 the... judge... called... school shootinns... - a... modern day 3 seeethe entire interrogaaion - dot cm slash raw news 3& people flloded the baltimore as soon a they knew there was -3 trouule. now, we're getting to -3 hear those calls... ffr the & iist ttme p3 "baltimoree ountyy911. wwat ps the address of your emmrgency?"i need you to send an officer to... i need an officer t pprry hall igh put of the schoool called me. a student howed him a shotgun and rifle in his bookbag witt &pthe athroom to load the gun.. can you pllase end someone to the high schooo right now?" now?""baltimore county 911. what is the address offyour emmrgencyy?""errr hall high
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3 ffred. perry hall highh schooo. i caa't rrmember how - to use mm phone. please, quicklyy" puickky.""his name is robert - phat has the guu? "that's the person that has the gun." "rrbert glaaden?""he old y son he had 21 bullets aadd whoover got in his way was 3 hurt your on, did he?""he told my ssn to get the out." & we need annambulance in the cafeteria immediately.""ok and -3 the shootinggis in tte cafeteria.""yes. ccn you... areethey on heer waa?" way?"police releasee 21 of thee 9-1-- calls oday. 3 cominggup lltee on ffxx5 news at devellpments n & the caseeagainst two men.... accused of killing three childden....byyalmost pbheeding thee.the key pitnees... will not ttstify... that'' coming p in about 10 3 new tonight...a disturbing piscovery near a high school in bbltimooe county......ann police... are asking for your help helpthis is overlea hhgh
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school...//humaa skeletal... the... nearby woods...//. ...anyone... witt innoomation & is assed to call poliie. 3&pnew inforrmtioo... &p in... tte... aarest... of baltimore county... counnilman....//todd huff...// hh'll... give--up... his... coonty vehicle... -3 after... beeng... pulled overr.. for -3 drunk drivvng... reportedly... aw....huff... - driving wwthoutá his headllghts.../ on... ork road... around... 2::3--am. 2:30--am.police... saa... he pulled....into an auto bbdy shop... p that áheá... owns...//. befooe... performing... a... field -3 sobriety... test,.../ huff... repprtedly ssid... "do you know who i am?"...///and... later... aggeed... to a brrattalizer....// blowing... a... oiit--2...// neaaly... 33-times... councilmaa... was elected... in 2000.../ touting ... his áfirefightingá... -&pbackground... 3 (youtube caapaigg ad: "the waats nn the needssof these organizations...")(youtube campaign ad continuedd "for the tools they need so people pan feel aff nd cooforttale county.")officers say... when they took huff... to the preccnct,.../ he... asked to call... baltimmreecounty police chief
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& jimmjohnson... - who... apparently did not... annwer ...//pollce.... gaveehuff... a chance to -33 call a llwyyr.../ -3 but... he... & attorneys. 3 irst on ox... &pnew... dettils... - aaout... the shooting ...of a caaet... by... a... pooice academy... insttuctor... during... -3 a... booched training exercise...//. melinda roedee... so-called.... -3 "sim-munition" handlld..../ and... 3 of major lapses. 3 3 former instruccors have told ps for thh past coupll weeks &pthat live irearms are simulatiin training exxrcise. -3 and according toothis current cooy of the city's firrarms -&ppoliiy -- that's still the -3 case.but clearly - safety procedures were ignored. ignored. in the aftermath of a shooting that everyone agreee shouud ppoice officiils releese these documentt. internal guidellnes on hhw training with simullted weapons áshouldá be conduuted
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safely. guideeines that sourres ell s were not & followee the dayyof the shhotinn.policy clearly states 3 siteewhen siimlated weapons are in use.a policy which actually be confiscatee and stored in asafe ocation... away from the training & ssenario.a policy that'' beenn in place for ddcades.... weapons wwre leff outside the scenario."stephen tabeling is aaformer acaaedy instructor. -3 tabbeing: 11:55:53 "well that rule is in place to ppotect everyone so thht you don't 3 sources close to the academyy- and the inveetigationn- tell foxx45 the instructor was armed witt bothhhis live handgun and the simulation firearm. he apparennly pulled & the wrong one when he aimeedat a trainee accidentalll shooting him thrrugh a window. never pointta gun at anybboy 33 simullted.... it'' bad 3at people."bbb cherry: 11:24 :16-11:24:33 "the trainers are obviously taaing this very hard... and this urts him." & police union reps... say they
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hooe art f the investigation &presoorces at tte academy. presiient bob cherry says instructors aae forced to dd more with less. which ácaná lead to lapses in safett. 11117:36 "and over the lass training budggtthas eee cut 35 ercent. "for now, the 3 rules also 33 stipplate an instructor should pat down all thh parricipants allowed on sste to make sure - po one has a live weaaon, it's a strict set of guidelines sourres that only raises more questions about why, and how instructor williammkern mistakenly pulled hii service - weapon and shoo the cadet. melinda rooder - fox 45 news aa ten.
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3 fire in p-g county.....hass claimed another life. maaing the deeah toll four.11 year year oldddaijah price died from the fire thursday morning wiihoot a pulse, and wass revived aa the hoopital.butt-3 killed herrfaahee and two younger sisters. her mother and anotterryounger & sisttr surviiee. the cause of that firr is believed to be electrical. 3 some... & former graas... are suing... system.... &pto... eep the doors... f... a... city school... open. thh... northweetern hiig school... alumni association... claims... phe ciiy's... 10 year plaa... p that phaass oot... northwestern---/ is... based on... inaccurate infoomation.../// the city... conductee an assessment... a... few... & years ago--/ claiming... 48... million dollarr....woold 3&pnorthwestern....//but... & some,,, of the - renovationn,,, have... been completed,,,/// - making... the assesssent,,, grossly inaccurate,,,..///. within,,, the nextt30 ays,,, ,,a,,, reerrsentative... with the & northwesttrn... will... bringgin an school-.
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sttdeets, mayor ssephanie rawlings blakk and othee city officials.. and city school's cee, dr. ndres alonso..... ........raalying in aanapolii in support of a biil that would help fund the revovation or rebuilding of up to 65 city schoolss it's moneyythat state lawmakkrr must approve.-3&&p(rawwiigs-blake) "we wwll make sure that they hear our chantiig all theeway untii we -3 get this done. are you with wiil not take no for an -3 answer."(alonso) "this ii kidss,this is abouu the &pbuildings thee deserve." the propooal would give baltimooe a guranteed miniium aaounttoffaaoot 32-million dollarssa year for 30 years in currentll tte amount variis. suppprters say he bill
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wwull create orr than 1-billion dollars to remodel with no heat on cold days. -3 (student) and when it's too hott you're sweating bullett. -3 you're thinkinggabout the 3&pbathrooms are just so -& disgussing." the bill ii -3&ppicking up sspport in the houseeof deleeates.. but it's &pgeeting some resistanne rom &senate presiient mikeemilleer. (del..anderson))"buu i think as e listens to he will b in favor of the bill. i'm pretty ure thht he's going to ask us to oo something n return, but that's politics, that's how things gett one." ///////////////////////////looo live pagg////////////////////////// (áááálook live: "lawwakerssare expected toovote on this bill sessionn. and supporttes ree watching aad waiting. in 3 ttnnáááá) 3 a andmarkkin north baltimore....comee down. down.24-34"3,2,1.... builling impposion"
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&pdetonated explosives... bbinging down b-g-e's melvale & gas tower.the ttoer ssood onn west cold spring lane near the & ut haa been out of commissionn since 1997.the next step ii figuring ut whaa to do with tte space. 3 you can see every annle of the melvall gas goiig to our weesite... fox baltimmre doo comm.. and cliccing on raw nwws 3 time to start thinkkng about preakness...and now we know 3 3the mmrylanndjockey club macklemore ann ryan lewii... wiil be entertaiiinn he &pof the preakness on may 18th. the jockey club says.... the choiccs lay to the crowd.,,, that the preakness draws every 3 3 23:07:03-23:07:18""itbbll is electtic, is shows arr fantastic, he hassa ggeat
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lewis, thhy end o- their deeographiccis earry 20'' nd ovvr the past 4 oo 5 years, pe've moved to that end and i think we''e real happy ith it." it."a third act has et 3 to be announccd.z-z top, bruno mars,,maroon 5 and zac brown are among the actssthat havee - appearrd at the ppeakness in -3& previous years.the rrce and more than 121- thousand fans last year. -3 33 p3 councilman arl tokes, baltimore cityy 5.50 "eeerybody has icketmaster & story about fees.""- fees." new at ten 10::0... the - ffiht ver serviceefees.. hhw baltimore city council may alloo ticketmaster to eep on charging. 33 .55:18 thii stuff is killing people.. ssburbs the attle agaanst -3 pake pot and hhw it's been pinked to tww deaths -3 3 but next...2 men... accused f the gruusome murder & of 3 chillren...set to go n ttial a 3rd time...thh
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3 testiiy... and the evidence... that cannoo y used now... afttr the break 3
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3 major setback for prosecutors who are gearrng up for he third round of triils in hh espinoza case. the 2 pen... accused of cctting the troats of 3 young relatives. relatives..firstton fox.... p kkthleen cairns teell us .... & one key witness will ánotá 3& and policarpio espinoza. 3 3 3 3 (nick)"its a huge victory ffr &pus, " defenne attorneys predict the esppnoza triall &pwill be very different this time around. for almost
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a decaae.... policarpio espinnza and adon canell ave -3 been n jjil. they were arrrsted in 2004 chargee with - kiiling three young relatives. now, ees then a month before tte hird round of - triias begins... a judge rules ápreerecorded ttstimonyy from prosecution... is not somethiig in spanish) after &pthe previoos rials.. this witness...guadeloupe hhrnandezz and her usband... hector... - were deportee toomexico, - where she hired a hitman o serving time. (briann& murphy)"theyre gonna have to &pgetther hhre from mexico where shes doing a senteece for murder or they cant use -3 annthiiggshe said innthe last & triil.: the judge has also ruled other evidence is not admissible. (nick)"theres ssmee dna evidenne that was &palleggdly recoverrd from some gloves found in heecar hat we always argued ere sccentifically invalid that tte ccr ruled in ur favor prosecutors also lack a like ouu clients.. simply
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woold not have done this there 3 horribbe crime." ((airns)"adon canela and policarrio espinoza both appeared in court today & in prison jumpsuiis.. theyye atttrneys say they arr both anxiios to have a new trral . if thhy aae fouud innocent.. they wiil be ppaced in feddrall custody and deported &pimmediately."policarpio's triaa begins march 11th... padon'sswill begin ooce a verdict is reacced in thee - ffrrt case. outside courrhouue eaat kc ffxx45 newssat 10 -3 the first espinoza trial... 3 second: with guiltyy was overturned by the coort of appeals... ecause the trial judgg didn't share jjrors notesswith the attorneys..... 3 we are just aalittle over raaging federal budget cuts knowwnas the sequester. sequesser. and whileettere ii no sign f a commromise .. the -3 war of words ii escalating. many republicans say the president is guilty offscare & tactics in an effort to avoid
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any goovrnmenn spending cuts... and members of the administraaion sayythere will be dirr consequences. 3 papolitano says: "look, i -3&pdon't thinkk e can maintain the same level of securrty at all places around the country 3sequuster."jindal says: "now's the time to cut - sppeding. it can be done 3 eccnomy, it ccn be done serrices. -33 3& unless congress aats... 85 billion in budget cuts ill staat to go into effect oo fridaa..- in baatimore.../ -3 p therr... are rowing... concerns ...about the ossible impact... of thooe cuut... on....federal workers.../ and... &pphe services they provide.john pydelllssoke with senaaorren 3 hallmeeting today at social securityheadquarters in woodlawn... woodllwn... 3p//cut off look livv frro 5:30)/more than 1-thousand peopleework aa ocial security headquarters..anddwiih connresssno cllserrto an agreement to stop massive budget more thannconcernnd about their futures.(staton) "we are incurring an expense along with maybe tte possibiliiy of being furlougged ss it's hitttng us kind of hard." (cardin)
10:21 pm
"if eqqsttationn takes effect, it wouud be verr damaging to our economy." 3 sennatr ben cardin.he's speakkng to more than a thousand a town hall meeting atsocial secuuityy headquarterss cardii) "eeerything's cut across the board, defense and non defense, it mmkes no sense." //new at 10//those now on - usual.but if employees are & couldmean - longer aats...forrthe public. (cardin) "when they need servicessbecause a check is 3 benefits, it'll take a lot republlcaa leaadrs re holding &pfirm ii their pledge o slash federal spending to wipe out the deficit in ten yyars. but even somm ediitt..ttaa without - shortterm ddal...thousands could be laid off.(lollar) "so bb the time yoo look at $200 million heree $150 million here, less offour buuget's being covered, we're in for a whole, i would say a heap off mess for this state."(rydell) "senator cardin says if an aggeemenn issnot rrachhd by
10:22 pm
the end of this wwek, it will onll compound efforts to raise the debt ceiling and to pass a &presolutioo to continue funddig 3(cardin) "we need certainty, we need to get this donn."and post employeee here...aaree. - in wooddawnn john ryyell, fox 45 news at ten. 3 itts not knnwn when ffrloughs wouldbegin for social security 3 new... gun... marrland... -3 may... ccst the statee.. 33beretta... p-s-a... in....p-g... county... is... thheatening ttoállaveá the state..../ saying... quote... why expand in a place... where the eople whh ábuiltá... theegun... can't... buy it?"the... invested... more than... one million dollars... for... aanew... 3 peek ... in.... &pannapolis.../ phe... gun....wwuld bee pllegaa... in the state....// beretta'ss.. &pp... milllmeeerrpistol.. whichh.. is soldier... 3 departtents.... coold... also be banned... - with its... 11- bulllt magazine. 3 the plln... to hhnd ouut shotguns... to some people... for
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ppotection...//the people who would gee 20 minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 3 &p 33 -3 33 3-3 &p3 3 3 ...wwh baltimoree 3
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3 ...why ballimore city &pcouncil... mm áprotectá the - big ffes charged by ticket -fox45 news at ten 3 5:50 from hallucination to high blooo pressure to psychotic reaction fake police say its spreadiig to the subbrbs with deadly consequences.
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following ... 45 investigatiin... last novvmmer, .../ maryland - lawmaaerr ... are... lookinn... to outlaw... whaa we unccverrd.../ uncovered.../ tonight crimm aad justiie rrporttrrjoy -3 lepola continues tt investigate... the ssle f -3 the suburbs. itts tonight's - cooer sttry.... angerous nd deadly high ... joy uncovers . 3& 3& it's alonn mainnstreet... in quiettcarroll couuty suburb... & where oor investigation begins.....n all american town culture... aa a place to get highha fact... some parents and polticians mmght ratherr &pchoose o ignorr.gimbbl 19:47:19 they hearr about the
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what tte impact is we found synnhetic marrjuana...beinggsold at a tobacco store in westminister. ouurunder cover is set to &precord... as we finn out for ourselves... justthow easy it is to get a hold of. no ssoner doee my photographer walk and he iss oming out... 3 2:05:31 she aased if i wnted a 4 g pouch or 10 g.. llss 3 pnother pprchase. this timm it's a gas station elling it. 2:11:56 he said he had wo & flavors cush and strawberry smash our photographer told by the cashher... he & could buy one packet of cobby snax for 25 or two for 40.:344 (dea) that'' a big concern for the rug enforccment agency dea aaeets admit... even with -3 federal bans... chemmstssare manaainggto stay ne stee ahead. drug abuse experts have seen it.mike 2:09 every 3 new one. chemicals are
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changed out... asspackaging is altered. each generation - bringing a new level oo toxiciy along witthit.5:50 from hallucinntion to hiih - blood pressure o psychotic reactioo in pennsylvania an 8th required a doubbe ung transslant becaase offchemical burns. his fammly says ii was the synthetic mmrijuana e was smoking that ccused the - daaage.55:18 this stuff i killing people.. in carroll county...a 13 and 22 year old - have diid in the last several packett of synthhttc maaijuana next toothem(lawmakkr) 55:13 thii stuff has to come off the street ddlegateecathleen pvtale is oneeof several lawmakers fightinn to end the - saae of thissdesigner drug in maryland. it ollows our innestiiation ... ii novemmer. & 32:444it's a killer pubstance... agaii, with an undercovvr camera we wwtch... as two men were working witt.. approach a cashier at this -& ballimore ityygas station... and buuytheesynthethic
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substancc. we later eet upp pwitherssooo))28:57 this is not your mom and pop - marijuana. there is nothing natural about thii chemical ccmpositiin that'ssvery ddngeeous. the paaket may say otpourri...and even display a warring against pumaa onsumptton. mere & methods used by manufacuters to skirt the law. & (wither/sourcc) 43:20 thhe realll don'ttcare hey just want to makk money. when e went back thh following day... - a manager told me they used to sell ii but don' anyyore. 3:59:52 how do you explain the purchase lass night? iidon't know.. tte ddaa.. has already raided severall businesses ... anddttere will likely be more.8::8 to the it's against the law you neee &pto stoo it now were gonna come knocking on your door and it'ss not gonna be a gentle knnck. but even with federal authorities ggared up... this battle may be bettte fought at - phe local llvel.... by local leaders 16:31 we''e alreadd lost two middle schoolers we 3 elementtry kids.butt bites cover edit. 33 news at ten. joyylepola -3 fox 45 news at ten. 3 in michiggn... a family is -3 suing becaase their teenager - pynthetii arijuana. marijuana. the lawsuit claims...thh gas station that sold the fake pot kkewwit was & ddngeeous even though it was
10:31 pm
legal.. 3 p3 the added enefits of tea... as 10 minuues on 33 pconcert fans paid top dollar - not juut for matthbox 20 tickets... but ll those fees..- i'm pauu gessser ouusideethe & lyric...comiig uu, the law those ttird party ticket brooers are breaking... nd what baltimorr officials may
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3 a... city ordinance ...protecting consumees... from fees... from... ticketmaster....could soon... & pe changed. changed.the courts uphell the law last month. month.pauu gessler explains why city councii may actuallyy giveean exemption to ticketmaster.paul? 33 ooeeahouse tonight to catch fans before matchbox200 performed.ttcketmaster charged users 13 dollars and 500ceets in fees... foo each 77 dollar tickett ticcet. 3 fans file intoothe lyric -&monddy night for a coonert. david fletcher, aanapolis: "matchbox twenty,,so we're pookiig
10:35 pm
forward o it..david ffetcher paid top dollaar&ponline for tonight'' tickets. david fleecher, annapolis:"thh -3fees were 35 dolllrs fr a service fee and 4.95 for a & delivery service."ttchnicaaly, pis vendoo broke the law sseling daaid his ticket.davidd fletcher, annapolis: "and, ittssonline, so a little else can you do?"he could suee.- that's exactly what a ballimore man did... when sale of tickets for any morr than 50 cents ovee face valuu..-3 baltimore city:""n 1948, they didn't haae these fees." baltimore ciiy ccunnillan ccrll &pstokes planss n bringing a review offthe ordinance this - summer... even after a marylann court áupheld the law -3 last onth.councclman carl stokes, baltiiore city:"not pusstthe tickkttaaency, we're beinn assed y the vendorssto allow baltimmre to make it legal to charge a fee for --3 convenience."those vendors are places like the lyric... which was named in the original lawsuit... and ttams like the orioles aad avens.a ravens team spokesperson callld thee law 'antiquated''and deeended tickettaster, as a ompany that provides "a convenience
10:36 pm
to ans."couucilman carll 3"everybody has a tickeemaster story aboot fees."stephanne klein: "so,,oors aree 5 dollars." jennifer jonns: "and, i should have quessioned - her when she ssld them to mm 3 should expect fees tt ccntinue to some extent, but councilman 3 some onsumer protection. councilman arl stokes, baltimore ity:"i would like to see a cap, beeause, right now, to tte general ublic, there's no hyme or reason to 3 3 the lawsuit alleges &pticketmaster makes a billion dollars a year on these extra counnil is expectee po ttke up a new orrinance - sometime in uly.paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. -33 3& that brings us o oou ticketmaster beeallooeddto -3 ccarge large servvce fees? 3 respooding on our facedbook page aggee that the - picketmaster fees are too high. 3 baltimore... police... identify... two & bodies... 3 in a vehicle...
10:37 pm
in... west & baltimoree..//.33- year -oodd.. aaysii strickland... and... 34- year- old tay-won tuck..-&pscene ...// we ... found... aa alleyy.. taped offfby police....//officers... &pp say... both... were... shot... sommtime ábeforeá theefire....// neighboos told fox 45... hey --33 heard... there'd... ábbená... a shootingg../ bbfore... learning a vehicle had been torched.../ -3 and bodies wereefound inside. p3 11:31:32 it was just a shock shockk0:32:16 it's really nno area t's the people living out of the area. area.neeghbbrs... say... this is very neighborhood association... has worked hard to curr violence. p ikea ays the comppny is pullinn its famous meatballs from stores in 21 countries... over concerns & their meet could be contaminated... with horse meat. mmat. the news comes -3 afterrauthorities in the czech peeublic etected horre d-n-a in packs of frozen meaaballs - taking tte meat offftheir sheeves. so faa... horse meatthas not made iis way nto
10:38 pm
any of thh u-s iiee locations. &p3 3 & 3 3 3
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33nexx on fox45 news at ten rushing to the rescue of a attacker used. 3 the ways tee... may elp & you... as you gee older...when we ccme back
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3&pfoomer surgeonn.. ggneral... -33 c. everett koop has died. & 3 officials from dartmouth &&pcollege in new hampshire... -3 say... the 96- 3 peacefully... aa his hooe -today..../// kooo served as reagan and george h-w bush.../.. pe was well-known for hii work around h----/aids and for workkng to create a smoke- free" society. ...// 3 a civil trial kicked off & defending itself againss - accusaatons of negligence conneccion to the massive 2010 gulf oil spill. the plaintifffs the coaat states.... and thousands of everyday eoole.... -& ...they say b-- knowingly
10:45 pm
áfailedd toomaintain afe drilling procedures....and botchhd a key safety test of theewell. the trral -& couud last months...or end att aaytimm, iff -p decides o settle fast. -3&p3 bbooke-davidson ays: "one of the major impediments to pettlement iss he states wantt a lottof moneyyfor tteir pestoration and the federal government is looking more for -3 a penalty and wants their money back." back."if b-p and thee 3 other compaaies are found 33 by a judge to pay almost 18-billiin dollaassin damages....and more punitive damages asswell. aa the debate over -3 washinggon ... one houston man ii conducting a ontrooersial exppriment of his own. 3 kyle coplln... with the ...armed cittzen project... plans toogive away & women in crime-strickenn nneghbbrhoods .... / andd.. traan them ffr free...//. coplen says... he wants them be prepared foo the worstt "ttey're not veryyexpensive. and ttey are just all around great home deeense weapons."
10:46 pm
weapons.." coplen says - pomen must first pastta background check and takee pefore they can receivvd any puns. 3 the ... sseakerrof the house... of ississippi... is 3pmnufacturers... to áhisá ssate... ? inccuding... ssmm from paryland....//epublican... philippgun... sent a letter... to... 14 gunmmkers... inviting them consider mmving... their operations to his state..../..- he'' hoping... to bring jjbs - to mississippi.. .. in... an industry ... áheáá sayys...means a lot to the &pstate. 3 "ttis typp of induutry is sooething that meshes wwll we love to hunt. we love to of mmid ttat ccmes from knowing they have the right to defenddthemselves," 3& gun... says maaufacturrrs ...woull be wwlcomed with open arms... by both political & leaders and ressdents. 3 firefighters iinnew york... rushhtt help a woman...being atttcked y aammn with a meat cleaver cleavertake a look at this &pvideo... its actually at the end of the attack.tte --3 firrfiggters... wrestling a
10:47 pm
3 firefighterr... hhard the trret. 3 he pulled the cceaveroq: but he'ssswiiging swiigingthe attackerrwas 33 charged with aatempted murder. p 3 -3 3 drinning a cup of tea.. may help keep you mentally sharpp -3& as you get older. olddr. researchers found bbaan function stayed shaappr in teaadrinkers than non-tea drinkers and evee 3 least one study found drinking tea is especially beneficial -3 for women. researcherssttink a plant chemicall... which is found 33 offfrs protection tth initial &pstages of alzheimer's disease. - 33 ohn harbaugh issnnt prossect...why the ravens head cooch was shaking his head at &pthe in sports unlimited... why cable channell you
10:48 pm
may never morr watch all the time...... when pe come back
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
while making the talk show circuit immediately following,' the ravens' super bowl title, jacooy jones waa asked ifhe'd like to be on dancing with thee stars...we ccnnot tell you his exact answer, given it involvee bears and ice, ut he did indiccte he'd be interrsted.. interested.. and he's
10:51 pm
gonna get his wish...jjnes, & movessaater scoring, wil & indeed bepart of the how this & year..they like athleees onn &pthat show..emmitt smth, hines 33 past winners...jones cored twice in the super bowl, once pass& 3 3 that wws notte dame linebacker manti te'o on saturday bout possibly goonn to the ravens... today, he got tt show ff his skills at the commine...ittwas -3 nottgreat...he an a very slow offensiie lineman were fasttr...if yyu think the pt this...johnnharbaugh waaching te'o's 40...shaking his head...harbaugh not &pimpreesed with tte heisman pcndiiatte...he ravens have the 32nd picc ii the firstt round of thh nfl draft... the o's host the yyakees...and & tte baltimore catholic league
10:52 pm 11-300on tte llte edition... 3 you... may... have seen... the crawls the bottom f he screen - ... here... -3 at... fox45.../ thaa... our... - parent company....and &pdirectv... 3 continue... giving direc--tv... the right... to broodcast our signal. signal. eveey cable and satellite -3 fee to retransmit programming. pay for in your monthly -3 bill.... which include channels you probably never watch. watch..- 3 wheeher it's rama"get out!!"a sitcom"can i take a break. i -& wantttt e alone"or the latest &pin reality teleeision.((nats american dol))broadcast ttlevision is still among the 3 the country.all of theetop ten & etworkkt-v shhws still brrin in morr vieeers thannthe most viewed show on able.but... like directv still ayy over-the-air broadcasters far
10:53 pm
less than other... less viewed.. channels.barry faber 40: 40:19 there are kids -3 channnls you're paying a lot of money foo. if you don't have children and you don't wwtch it you''e still payyng ffr it. f yu're not interested in fox or cnn, their rrtings are far lower 3 that bring local news every day,,you're still forred to pay for that.((nats of -3 sportscenter opening))) inn largest chunk of your monthly - t-v bill went to espn. snl kagan issa company that traccs and 18 cents of every monthly cable and satellittebill went to the espn networks. also & toppiig the list... 3-net... & it's a group of 3-d channels... that costteach 3 t-n-t... gets a dollar and 18 - cenns. but the averageelocaa t-v broodcaster.... gets justt
10:54 pm
33-cenns. in ome markets... local nnws is viewwd by three and a half times heenumber of people watccing cable... bt local broadcastees on average ooly -3 gee 7-percent oofwhat caale pnetworks reeeive. that's whyy sinclair brradcast grrup.. which oons this station.. is neggtiating a new contract with directvv.. whhch gives them the right to broadcast our signal. 45:20 we realize & this ii inconvenient.. we apologizeefor ii. we hope peoppe understand that our -3 goal is to provide reat & prooramming,,and thht's -3 increasingly expensivv. we have little choice o do what -3 we're doing in terms of getting a deal one. ff 3 reach a deall.. our signal on directv could go to black n march first. in a statement.. direetv says to alarm everyonn, our - customers can rest assured no one is going toodisrupt their
10:55 pm
programming. sinclaii has used phe same accics to frighten customers of every other major - tv provider without actually takinggdown its stattonss" but theereality is... without an agreement... the local programming n this station... cannot be broadcast on irectv.48:38 ww're the prisoner of the rising & prrgramming cost. there's very little we can do iother than what we'reedoing. directv can do a deaa with us. hhir competittrs have been able tt deals with us. you peeddtoolet directv know you are going to vooe with your money. which s you're going & thinn theyyneed to unddrstandd how important oou programming is. that's how they'll understand it by realizznn most populaa programming on television. we have a message 3 for our direct-tv customers... you can find it bb going to
10:56 pm
foxbaltimore dot com...just scroll doonna little bit... and click onn he link histle while you walk.... one maine guy is imitating one of snow white's dwarfs oo the streets of -3 portland.../ but many maaners ncluding the police... think... hh's goofy... 3 ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... & p3 whoop... hahha." haahaa"a disney 3 ccaracterrunder fire ..ovvr thisscell phone video.what hh pwas cauuht on camera doing to a fan. & 33 3 and it took mmre than a too pruck tooclean up this mess - ... how a ccr ended up on the roof of a house.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 you hhve just a fee more some of the final names in our freebruury contest... tomorrow on ox45 morning news.
10:59 pm
you'll hear the you'll hear the whistler beeore you see him. robert "whistler" smith &pis alled the whistler bcause of his almost daily habit of whistllng loudly around 3 whhsttes hhs way... down street... in portlann..../ trying to make people smilee"...// but... he disturbs some &listteers... , leading to legal troubles foo smiih... that... áheá... says... won't stop him from from godd -- /him from xppesssng himself...// he says the whisslingg... ccme from ggdd-- / but... the porrland... p--d... &pisn't ammsed,...// in....the past year,../ smith has been summonsed,... aaresttd and takee to court...

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